Aspiring Audio Engineer

Audio Visualizer: Creating art by using data with p5.js and Meyda.js

Watch the demo!

What's this project about?

This project is to create an audio visualizer that creates an evolving and dynamic visual scene from audio source. I have used amplitude spectrum and loudness to create my version of audio visualizer.

What are some of the highlights features that you could recreate?

Users can control the parameters of the audio visualization with dat.gui. At the same time, there are two ongoing analysis by Meyda.js.

This is the math that I have used in creating lines from the middle of the circle.
The function is reading the audio from the html source.

What's my takeaway?

The takeaway of the project is that there are a lot of ways to create art with the data that I read from my files. In the future, I can use the frequency, key or loudness to create some dynamically interesting shapes.

Libraries used: