Aspiring Audio Engineer

Call Me Thicc: Recording and Dubbing with 1/4" Analog Tape

What's this project about?

In this project, I am working with a 1/4" analog tape, that puts us a limitation of channels. The song has a total of 14 tracks. The project consists of guitars, pianos, drums, synth, vocal and lyrics from Garden City Movement.

This is the soundscape of the piece, I try to spatialize each part of the track to create a variety of images.

What's the creative process?

I planned the instrumentation. The first thing that I did was to overdub the song with Roland VR-09 on track 5 and 6. With the proper foundation, I dubbed vocal and other light percussion into the song with TLM49 and KSM141. At the end, we added different audio effects and filters to mix the piece.

What's my takeaway?

Analog taping is something that is unique and some might even claim that it is more superior than digital recording. Knowing that our song is almost 5 minutes long. The accuracy of my performance during tracking is important.