Aspiring Audio Engineer

Incredibles 2: The Audio Remake of the Iconic Jack-Jack Scene

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What's this project about?

I recreated a different version of the popular Jack-Jack Scene from Incredibles 2 for my Audio for Video class. This scene includes ADR (Automated Dialog Replacement), Music and SFX (Special Effects). After identifying and cueing every single movement in the original, I went further to explore potential new details that would need to be highlighted on Pro Tools.

One of the most difficult scene in the video, where they are fighting and a lot of SFXs are needed.
Jack-Jack has a lot of superpowers and he used psychic power to move the lid from the floor to the can.

Why did I pick this scene?

I personally love playing around with SFXs and designing the soundscape. In this scene, there are a lot of movements and SFXs that allow me to achieve my personal goal. This clip is also different from other movies, because it is a cartoon from Disney. It puts myself in another challenge, the sound needs to be recognizable and cartoony. This whole thinking progress brings a lot of satisfaction to me.

What's my takeaway?

The main takeaway is to understand how to work with video on Pro Tools. This project involves with more than 100 different mono and stereo channels. Proficiency with Pro Tools is definitely needed and the project is absolutely challenging to complete. Besides that, the mindset of thinking outside the box is crucial, as one may not be able to find the particular sound and voice. One will need to layer and source interesting voice elsewhere.