Aspiring Audio Engineer

Pokemon 3DS: Using Processing to Remake the Iconic Game

Watch the demo!

What's this project about?

This project is the final product of my Processing exploration. I wanted to create a game or graphic that is interesting. With the recent launch of Nintendo Switch's Pokemon games, I was inspired to recreate a 2D classic of Pokemon game with visual and audio.

What are some of the highlights features that you could recreate?

I was able to create a random spawn of Pokemons in the bushes. I was able able to make sure the character does not collide into trees and objects in game. On the other hand, I added music and calculation for simple combat.

This showcases how I have organized the state of the game, this is also where I managed different scenes and music
This is the logic and math behind the fighting scene. With different pokemon's defense, attack, accuracy and health states.

What are some difficulties that I faced?

There are quite a few difficulties. One of them is the tedious progress of creating boundaries of the map, so the character does not walk into the trees for example.

What's my takeaway?

Coding with Processing is a new skill of mine. I have attempted to create simple graphic objects before, but I have never completed something with this quality with Processing. It is fascinating to see what it can do. I will continue to work on more multimedia arts in the future.

Libraries used: