Aspiring Audio Engineer

Right Here: Exploring Digital Recording Techniques Through Producing Original Song

What's this project about?

In this project, a group of musicians collaborated and created a song through different digital techniques. We used digital audio processors, including autotune, reverb, EQ, vocoder, compression and more. Besides that, it is a project that allows me to expand my musical horizon.

A snapshot of the studio that I produced this song with musicians.

What's the creative process?

Within the whole creative process, we laid down 59 channels with the final song. As a foundation, we created a skeleton of our slow R&B track on Pro Tools. One of our talented musicians, Jasmine, was able to compose the whole song with lyrics. As one of the producer, I tracked Jasmine's Vocal with U87 and going through API preamp. I also tracked hi hats with KM184 and cut some of the high frequency of the percussion. We added several instruments in our composition and we mixed and mastered our tracks. Since the main melody is the entirety of the song, I did a sort of janky parallel compression. Then, I split the lead vox signal to a sux track. On the sux track, I squashed it with the 1176 and busted the low mids. After that, I threw in some chorus to make it sound wider and more present.

What's my takeaway?

It gives me the basic understanding of Pro Tools, and I was able to work with it. I am able to know the difference between buses and outputs. At the same time, I can distinguish Audio track, MIDI track, Instrument track and Aux track. The understanding of digital processors allows me to full take control of my own musical work, especially with slapback echo, reverb and compression.